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Judith is an Australian watercolourist who now resides in Adelaide after many years of living on the NSW South Coast. 


As a self-taught artist, she relishes the unique challenges of 

the watercolour medium, striving for freshness and 

transparency in her work. She is fascinated by the 

characteristics of the medium, especially its unpredictable 

ability to mix on the paper. 


Celebrating the beauty of life provides the central motivation in her work and she continually seeks new and interesting perspectives to express this. 


Judith loves to paint en plein air and has become a leading 

force in organising plein air outings in Adelaide. She finds 

plein air to be an exhilarating, challenging, and often 

humbling experience that greatly benefits her art practice 

whilst simultaneously feeding her soul in the great outdoors. 


As a lifetime learner, Judith constantly engages in studying everything watercolour. Over the years she has enjoyed workshops with Alvaro Castagnet, Robert Wade, Chan Dissanayake, Malcolm Carver, Susan Harrison-Tustain and Thomas W Schaller.  


Judith has been fortunate to have her work recognised and 

rewarded through many exhibitions, publications and prizes. Her proudest moment to date was a ‘highly commended’ in the prestigious James Kiwi Watercolour Prize. 


Currently, Judith is continuing to play with colour and texture, to experiment with new ideas and to face the challenge of  ‘chasing the light’ to capture special moments in her work. 

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